February 21, 2018

Students to compete in Rotary Solo Competition

Students will compete in the upcoming rotary solo competition on Feb. 2. There will be 6 freshman and sophomores participating.

Kayla Samimi

Staff Writer

Mira Costa’s Band and Orchestra Department announced finalists for the Rotary Solo Competition on Jan. 16 after a preliminary round in the small theater.

The preliminary rounds took place on Jan. 12 for orchestra students and on Jan. 11 for band students. Each student was required to play a portion of their piece in front of a judge, who then evaluated each performance and selected the top performers for the final round.

“I’m playing the Carmen Fantaisie, arranged by Francois Borne,” senior Lauren Schlick said. “I really enjoy participating in the Rotary Competition because it’s an opportunity to perform and get useful feedback on my playing. I’ve been practicing my piece about 2-3 hours a day since the end of marching season.”

The Rotary Solo Competition will take place on Feb. 2 in the auditorium. Six ninth and tenth graders will participate in one division while six eleventh and twelfth graders will compete in a separate division. The first, second and third place winners from each division will receive cash prizes.

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