December 17, 2017

Librarian Jane Lofton checks herself out

By Elena Coe-McNamara and Lauren Farberman

Theme Editors

Mira Costa’s teacher-librarian Jane Lofton is checking out from Costa and checking into retirement this year.

Lofton’s career as a teacher-librarian started in 2002 at Lindero Canyon Middle School in California. After six years at Lindero Canyon, Lofton found an opening at Mira Costa for her desired job as teacher librarian since she saw a greater opportunity teaching at Costa.

“Once I learned a bit about Costa, I knew it would be a great school to work at with lots of opportunities to interact with students,” Lofton said.

During her six years at Costa, Lofton has allowed teachers to schedule class visits to the library in order to integrate technology into homework and projects.

“One of the things that I will miss about my job is the enthusiasm that students would always bring to the library,” Lofton said. “The teachers are also all so dedicated to their students, which is something I really enjoyed here.”

Along with helping teachers schedule classes, Lofton additionally implemented the use of a 3d printer and green screen. She used these different tools to benefit students and teachers alike by enhancing their interest in reading.     

Furthermore, Lofton impacted students’ lives by helping run several clubs such as Geek Club and Library Club where students were allowed to collaborate with each other while learning more about 3d printers and green screens.

“I think technology, when used appropriately can really enhance learning, efficiently and engagement,” Lofton said.

Lofton plans to travel with her husband after her retirement this year. She also anticipates spending more time with family.

“I hope that after I leave, Costa students will continue to utilize the resources the library has to offer,” Lofton said.

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