January 16, 2018

“Fuller House” Season 3 is full of laughter and comedy

By Elora Brow

Online Opinion Editor

The third season of “Fuller House” full of light laughter and cheesy, family comedy.

The third season premiered on September 22nd and picks up where season two left off. Each character has their own personal issues with DJ confused about her love life, Stephanie lost in her career, and Kimmy trying to balance her obnoxious husband, the Fullers, and her party planning business. Most of the show focuses around the grown-ups lives and how they cope with the craziness of their many children.

“Fuller House” season three stars Candace Cameron-Bure as DJ, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, Andrea Barber as Kimmy, and Lori Loughlin as Becky. This series is produced by John Stamos who also makes star appearances throughout the three seasons.

For the viewers who were part of the generation who watched the original “Full House” it is comforting to now watch “Fuller House” and see how many of the characters have grown up into successful people. This line of progression allows the viewer to feel more connected to the show than the average television series.

The very first episode of the season starts off with a huge musical number led by Max, one of the younger characters. This explosive beginning grabs the attention of the viewer immediately, and from this point onward, the viewer’s attention is rarely lost.

Although the acting from every single actor is not stellar, the positive messages that the show portrays make up for it. The star of the show, DJ Fuller, shares her helpful life lessons with the other characters on the show, conveying the same messages to the audience. This is unique because then the audience gets to enjoy a TV show while also learning some helpful life tips.

The best part of this season is that it ranges in mood. One moment, the story features the adorable eight year old son, Max, attempting to win over a girl in his class and the next Stephanie is talking about how she wants to have a family one day, even though she just found out that she was infertile. The range of stories helps the plotline appeal and entertain viewers of all ages.

This season offers a lot of feel-good comedy that is a nice break from all the dramatic and violent shows that are currently very popular. Although at times the acting may be cheesy, the audience can’t help but smile throughout the episodes, whether it is at how bad a joke one of the kids made, or something stupid that one of the parents does.

Season three of “Fuller House” is an overall success with its ongoing family humor and wide range of characters. It is a light-hearted comedy that is fun for the whole family to watch together because every member can relate to one of the characters.

All three seasons of “Fuller House” can only be viewed on Netflix and is appropriate for all ages.

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