February 21, 2018

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” proves worthy of praise

“The Death Cure” features a sensational plot with thrilling action scenes that keep the audience intrigued and the well-written screenplay adds to the potency of the movie. (Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

By Grace Dietz

Online Arts Editor


“The Death Cure” left audience members in tears with magnificent acting and an extraordinary plot. The third and final movie of the Maze Runner franchise is a perfect combination of action and emotion.

With heart-pounding action scenes and prevalent themes of brotherhood and unity, “The Death Cure” keeps viewers thoroughly entertained. The phenomenal screenplay and astounding acting make “The Death Cure” the optimum ending of the Maze Runner series.

Directed by Wes Ball, “The Death Cure” is the third installment of the Maze Runner trilogy. The movie is based on James Dashner’s book series of the same name. Dylan O’Brien portrays Thomas and Kaya Scodelario plays Theresa, who are both immune to a deadly disease. Patricia Clarkson portrays Ava Paige, the mad scientist who is obsessed with obtaining a cure for the epidemic.

Thomas goes on his final mission to try to save his friends from the ominous WCKD, the department which is tasked with finding a cure for a deadly disease called “the flare.” In an attempt to finally be free from WCKD, Thomas must break into the Last City, the only remaining city to not be infected by the disease. Here he hopes to get answers to the questions him and his friends have been asking for years, such as why WCKD wants them so much.

“The Death Cure” incorporates powerful themes of brotherhood and unity, which add to the select emotional scenes throughout the exhilarating plot. Unity is particularly incorporated as a theme as Thomas heads into danger to save his friends from WCKD. Additionally, the sense of unity is intensified as the main characters have been through everything together in the previous movies.

The nail-biting action scenes in “The Death Cure” leave audience members on the edge of their seats throughout the entirety of the movie. With outstanding acting and exceptional editing skills, the action scenes add to the overall intensity of the exciting plot, especially the opening scenes of the film.

The astonishing performances from the actors in “The Death Cure” add to the superior quality of the movie, as the actors are surprisingly believable. The remarkable acting from O’Brien adds to the thrill of the action scenes, especially in the opening footage when Thomas tries to break his friend out of a train run by WCKD.

Written by T.S. Nowlin, the well-written screenplay of “The Death Cure,” is extremely amazing, with passionate twists and turns and an exceedingly complex plot. The marvelous screenplay leaves viewers amazed and adds to the nostalgia of the movie franchise.

“The Death Cure” features a sensational plot with thrilling action scenes that keep the audience intrigued and the well-written screenplay adds to the potency of the movie. The heartbreaking themes of brotherhood and unity with the spectacular performances from actors make “The Death Cure” a must-see.

“The Death Cure” is rated PG-13 and is playing in theaters nationwide.

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