January 16, 2018

Comedy Sportz wins first match of year against El Segundo

Comedy Sportz members juniors Toby Kamish and Dalia Feliciano and seniors Claire Layden and Gabby Guerrero perform their skit on Oct. 3 in the small theather. The team won 34-22 against El Segundo (red.)

By Isabelle Chiu

Sports Editor

Mira Costa’s Comedy Sportz team won in its match against El Segundo in Costa’s small theater yesterday night.

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The Mustangs won 34-22, and both teams performed improv games such as the texting game, where three out of four members of the team can only respond with texts on an audience member’s phone during a skit, and the dating game, where one player leads the stage and the audience provides identities for the three others, and the fourth player gets to ask three questions before guessing.

Comedy Sportz members juniors Toby Kamish (left center) and Dalia Feliciano (center right) and seniors Claire Layden (far left) and Gabby Guerrero (furthest right) perform their skit on Oct. 3 in the small theather. The team won 34-22.

“We won after two halves of intense competition,” senior Comedy Sportz member Emma Nerad said. “We had solid scene structure structure, and it was a great match.”

Junior Comedy Sportz member Toby Kamish said that both teams were hilarious and that the match went well. This is the first match of the year for Costa, and its next match is currently undecided.

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“The match [against El Segundo] was a blast,” Kamish said. “Costa won, but the emphasis on Comedy Sportz really isn’t on the competition aspect but instead making everyone laugh and making sure the audience is having a splendiferous time.”

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